ADONAI'S PLACE "Where Healing Begins"     

                ADONAI'S PLACE   "Where Healing Begins"

ADONAI'S PLACE  located in Merrimack, New Hampshire offers Massage and Alternative Healing Therapy. We will always focus on providing the best healing session to meet your specific healing needs.

Using the combination of Massage and Alternative Healing Therapy allows us to identify the imbalances that may occur within mind, body, and spirit. Through using these modalities, we are able to correct these imbalances and realign the body, mind, and spirit. When the body has achieved balance, it is then able to heal itself.

In addition to Massage and Alternative Healing Therapies, Adonai's Place also offers meditation groups, along with classes and workshops for those interested in furthering their knowledge of the Healing Arts.
Please see our Events, Classes and Workshops page for more information.

Two years ago I dreamed of co-creating a small "hiding place" for anyone to come inside for a little while and renew their hope and begin to heal...a place where all could come and find the support, compassion and knowledge necessary to help regain balance within the body, mind, and spirit. So if you are experiencing conditions of acute or chronic pain, looking for alternative ways to relieve your stress or just trying to find that place that can offer you reconnection and renewal of spirit, it is my wish that, Adonai's Place becomes for you, that "little hiding place."

Please Come Visit Us And Discover The Healing Within You...

Check back new location coming soon....


Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage 
Member of the American Massage Association
Member of the International Center for Reiki www.




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